Dance Classes

Currently Sara teaches private dance classes online and in the Theater Avaton in the center of Athens. For more information please send a message here.


Sara has been teaching dance for more than a decade. Her method of teaching combines technique, improvisation and storytelling. Sara believes that a complete dance education develops the physical, social and creative skills of every student. Her holistic approach to dance allows her students to enjoy, create and perform movement as a means of personal and artistic communication.


Sara is a certified dance teacher by the Rotterdam's Foundation for the Arts and holds a certificate in pedagogical skills by the Portuguese Institute for education and professional training (IEFP).


She complemented her dance education with classes of Laban Movement Analysis with Ciel Werts (Codarts Academy), of Alexander Technique with Gonnie Heggen (SNDO, Amsterdam) and of Choreography including with Renaud Wiser (The Place, London).


In 2012 Sara was a grantee of the program Discover Your Personal Movement at the Polish Dance Theater, in Poznan.

Besides her extensive work in dance schools, including in the Lak Theatre of the University of Leiden, in Fórum Dança and in EDAK in Lisbon, Sara has taken part as a dance teacher in various volunteer programs. Among others, she taught dance as part of capacity building projects for immigrant women in the Netherlands (in Stichting Akros and in Vrouw en Vaart) and for teenage refugees in Greece (in Praksis).