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Stories move me. Literally.
They make me want to dance.

I love dance! It is amazing how it can evoke emotions, express ideas, and tell stories.
Have you ever heard of the rain-making dance?
I like to dream that dance is so powerful that it can change the weather.

Over time, dance has transformed me and many others by reshaping postures, connections, and perceptions.
If it can change us in such profound ways, perhaps it can change the weather too...
Let's dance and discover the power it has!

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Join the dance

Throughout history, people have danced for various reasons. For instance, did you know that belly dance movements were originally designed to prepare women for childbirth? In ancient Greece, men used dance as a way to train for battles. And even today, gentle rocking motions can help babies fall asleep.
Dance offers a blend of relaxation and vitality, making our bodies stronger, helping us express our feelings, and fostering a sense of belonging. These are just a few reasons to consider taking up dance."

Sara's various styles plunge you into enchanting new worlds, all very inviting.



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