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Sara Toscano

Dancer and dance teacher.

Sara Toscano is passionate about dance.

An Oriental Dance teacher and performer, a researcher of Ancient Greek Dance and a creator of performance for babies, she believes that dance has no geographic, time or age limit.

Sara's approach to dance is influenced by her academic background in Advertisement: she is interested in the meaning behind movement and in non-verbal communication. Sara observes how every dance tradition reflects its own values and culture. She searches for the stories hidden insite traditional dances and is intrigued by how contemporary dance can express ideas and connect people.


Originally from Portugal and currently living in Athens, Sara studied in the Netherlands, where she became a certified dance teacher by the Rotterdam's Foundation for the Arts.


Sara's work reflects both her experiences as a dancer and her life adventures. Sara danced in the square of Marrakech and in a hidden church in Amsterdam. She climbed to the top of Mount Olympus in Greece and run in the valley of the Muses. She choreographed for the Ancient Roman Theatre of Lisbon and performed the role of Pythia in the ruins of Delphi. She took part in a Zaffa wedding procession and danced Tsifteteli on Greek TV. She shared the stage with legendary Boban and Marko Markovic Band and assisted the remarkable magician Mark Mitton in Circus Cosmos.  She danced under the rain in the mythical Sintra Mountains and on a red carpet in the iconic Royal Theatre Tuschinski.


It has been said about Sara that "her various styles plunge you into enchanting new worlds, all very inviting."

Sara is the Deputy General Secretary of the International Dance Council of UNESCO.