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Dancer. Dance teacher.

Deputy General Secretary of the International Dance Council of UNESCO.

Dance is part of my life.

I have danced in a street in Marrakesh and at a private party in Athens.

I have whirled barefoot in the woods and danced on a red carpet.

I have shared the stage with legendary musicians and danced alone in my room.

I have performed in the ruins of ancient Delphi and on the latest television show.

I have danced in the rain and under a shower of petals.

I have seen the sun rise in the desert and set over the Atlas mountains. The sun king. A dancer.

I have performed for 4-month old babies and danced tango with my great-uncle.

I have taught dance to children filled with dreams, to refugees fleeing the war and to women with whom I didn't share a common language.

I have danced for friends and for ambassadors.

I have danced in outdoor festivals and in a hidden church in Amsterdam.

I have danced. And that alone changed my life.

When I was 20 years old I tried a Belly Dance class. It changed the course of my life. I had just finished my university studies in Advertising but I decided to become a professional Belly Dancer. I moved from Lisbon to Amsterdam where I joined the Baladi Dance Troup directed by the Egyptian choreographer Mahdy Emara. I became a resident dancer at distinguished Arabic restaurants and I studied to become a dance teacher, with a diploma from the Rotterdam's Foundation for the Arts.

Years later I moved to Greece. Amazed by the power of Greek myths and Greek history, I discovered Ancient Greek Dance. With the support of the Dora Stratou Theater I became a researcher. Eventually, I founded the Terpsichore Dance Company, based in Lisbon, and my choreographies were displayed at museums and archaeolgical spaces.

Meanwhile I became a mother. This life changing event directed me to the field of dance-theatre for babies. Since then I have co-produced and created three performances for babies, the last one being still on scene at The Music Library of Megaro Mousikis in Athens.

Many things have influenced my work as a dancer: my academic background in Advertisement; four years working in the field of Human Rights, all the remarkable dance teachers which I had the privilege to work with and last but not least my incredible students, from toddlers to seniors, with whom I have lived this journey through dance.

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