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Dancer. Dance teacher.

Deputy General Secretary of the International Dance Council of UNESCO.

Dance is part of my life.

I have danced in a street in Marrakesh and at a private party in Athens.

I have whirled barefoot in the woods and danced on a red carpet.

I have shared the stage with legendary musicians and danced alone in my room.

I have performed in the ruins of ancient Delphi and on the latest television show.

I have danced in the rain and under a shower of petals.

I have seen the sun rise in the desert and set over the Atlas mountains. The sun king. A dancer.

I have performed for 4-month old babies and danced tango with my great-uncle.

I have taught dance to children filled with dreams, to refugees fleeing the war and to women with whom I didn't share a common language.

I have danced for friends and for ambassadors.

I have danced in outdoor festivals and in a hidden church in Amsterdam.

I have danced. And that alone changed my life.

At the age of 20, my life took an unexpected turn when I decided to embark on a journey into the world of Belly Dance. Despite having just completed my studies in Advertising, my passion for dance led me to pursue a career as a professional Belly Dancer. I made the leap from Lisbon to Amsterdam, where I became part of the renowned Baladi Dance Troupe under the guidance of the talented Egyptian choreographer, Mahdy Emara. As I refined my technique, I also pursued formal dance education and earned a diploma from the Rotterdam's Foundation for the Arts, solidifying my commitment to the art form.

My adventure in dance didn't end there. Years later, I found myself in Greece, fascinated by the allure of Greek myths and history. It was during this time that I discovered Ancient Greek Dance and embarked on a new chapter in my dance career. With the invaluable support of the Dora Stratou Theater, I delved into research and became deeply immersed in this ancient art form. Eventually, I established the Terpsichore Dance Company, based in Lisbon, where I had the privilege of showcasing my choreographies in museums and archaeological settings.

Life took yet another beautiful turn when I embraced motherhood. This transformative experience inspired me to explore the world of dance-theatre for babies. Since then, I've co-produced and created three performances designed specifically for our youngest audience members. One of these performances continues to engage and delight audiences at The Music Library of Megaro Mousikis in Athens.

My journey as a dancer has been shaped by a myriad of influences. My academic background in Advertising, my four-year tenure in the field of Human Rights, the extraordinary dance instructors who have crossed my path, and most importantly, my remarkable students—ranging from toddlers to seniors—have all played pivotal roles in my evolution as a dancer and artist. Together, we continue to explore the boundless possibilities of self-expression through the art of dance.

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