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Dance Class - Sara Toscano

Teacher's Toolbox

Resources for Dance Teachers

What is it?

- Short-term course

- One-on-one lessons

- Online

- Focused on teaching methods and skills

What is included?

  • Four online 1-1 sessions (total of 180 minutes)

  • A pdf document with useful resources

  • Personalised feedback

What level do you need?

This course works best if you are a teacher of dance with no university degree in dance pedagogy.

How does it work?

- You choose one out of the 4 topics available

- We meet once for an introductory class (30 minutes) to discuss the topic and assess your needs and interests (online)

- We meet twice for classes (60 minutes each) on separate days (online)

- You receive one dance activity to do at your own pace at home

- We meet for a final class (30 minutes) for feedback on the activity (online)

- You receive a pdf document with content related to the topic of your choice

What are the topics to choose from?

1 - Goals for a dance class: how many are they? How to choose from them? How to structure a class based on goals?

2 - Five methods to teach a movement or movement phrase.

3 - The 9 intelligences of Howard Gardner applied to a dance class.

4 - How to give correct feedback based on movement analysis.

How much does it cost?

The Teacher's Toolbox 1-1 online course costs 135€

How do I register?

- You send me an email with the topic of your choice and your availability


- We book together the days and hours of the course

- You receive a link for secure payment

- After payment you receive the invoice

- The course starts!

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