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Belly Dance how to: hip circle move

Atualizado: 21 de mar. de 2023

To draw a perfect circle with your hips have these in mind (and in your body):

- The circle is a closed shape, this means that the movement must finished where it started.

- The circle is a continuous line, with no interruptions.

- In a circle all points are at an equal distance from the centre. Generally, there is a tendency in all beginners to draw an oval-shaped figure instead of a circle. This happens because they project the hips to the sides more than to the front or back. When you draw a perfect circle with your hips the pelvis travels around the axis at an equal distance to the centre.

- The movement of the circle is parallel to the floor (in the horizontal plane)

- Hips are facing front at all times

Here is an extra tip to help you with your hip circle move: keep your feet active! Sense that the circle is drawn by transferring the weigh of your body from your toes to the side of your feet, to your heels and to the inner part of your feet. Feel the connection between your hips and your feet. Visualize your hips are drawing a circle around your feet, this will help you establish the connection between these two body parts.

Use imagery: imagine that the circle which you are drawing is a powerful celestial body. Think of shapes like the sun (for a wide circle) and the moon (for a small circle).

Flavour your hip circle move with:

- small heel bounces

- the classical shimmi

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