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Unblock your creativity: move your hips like you were scribbling

Atualizado: 21 de mar. de 2023

It’s as simple as that! Imagine that your hips have ink and make scribbles in the air.

The idea is to move your hips freely and in all directions. Do it carelessly, hurriedly and aimlessly. And most importantly: do not pre-planning your moves. The idea is to loosen-up the joints and muscles of your hips, to break away from fixed patterns and to unleash your creativity.

You can do this exercise in 3 steps:

1) with a pen scribble for 1 minute on a black piece of paper

2) scribble with your hips in the air

3) put a song that you like and scribble with your hips in the air, allowing the music to inspire you

Enjoy the process!

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