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Get feedback on your technique... when you practice alone!

Atualizado: 21 de mar. de 2023

Feedback is an invaluable component of the teaching and learning process. Most of the time we think of feedback as being a verbal comment given by another person. But feedback is nothing but information used as a basis for improvement. Therefore, there are many ways to receive feedback, even when you practice on your own.

Here are 3 ways to receive feedback when you practice alone:

1) Use a mirror. A mirror always gives you a good feedback because you can directly see what you are doing and therefore correct your posture and technique.

2) Use a wall. This is one of my favorite ways to receive feedback. You can use a wall in so many ways: to stabilize your pelvis and shoulders and isolate your chest as you practice chest lifts; to stabilize your torso and practice a reverse camel of the pelvis; to correct the alignment of your pelvis while doing hip drops; etc.

3) Use a chair. I often use a chair when I practice at home. Like the wall, you can use the chair in many different ways: to connect your feet to the ground; to find and keep the alignment feet-knees-pelvis; to isolate the pelvis and the lower back in order to practice upper body movements such as the shoulder shimmy or chest isolations; etc.

Extra tip: If you are a dance teacher remember that you don’t always need to give verbal feedback - try using the wall, a chair or even the floor to inform your students about what they are doing right and wrong.

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