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Treat your dancing feet

As dancers, our feet take a lot.

To help them recover after a dance class, include a short foot massage in your cool-down routine.

One great tip is to use one orange to massage your feet! Just like with a tennis ball, you can apply pressure to the orange and roll your feet over it.

Here is how you can do it:

- Put the orange on the ground and stand with your back straight.

- Place your bare foot on top of the orange and slowly and gently roll the center of your foot over it. Once you do that a few times, gently press into other areas of the foot that are in pain or sore.

- Repeat with the other foot.

These movements will activate the sole of the foot as well as help release tension, improve circulation and strengthen the feet.

Using an orange instead of a tennis ball has some extra benefits:

- you will be very aware of how much pressure you apply to the orange, meaning that you will not overdo it with pressure, because you don’t want to squeeze the orange.

- for the same reason, you will practice your balance because you will keep most of your weight on your standing leg

- at the end of the class, you can eat your orange and get a boost of vitamin C!

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