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What is Belly Dance?

Atualizado: 21 de mar. de 2023

Through the years I have heard many things about Belly Dance. Here is a list of phrases that I have noted on my notebook: “It is the dance of the Middle East”. “It is called Oriental Dance.” “It is difficult to define.” “It is spiritual.” “It is erotic.” “It is exclusively a female dance.” “Everyone can dance it.” “It was a dance performed by Turkish boys.” “Egyptian men are the best choreographers.” “You must have a belly if you want to dance.” “The only way to be hired as a Belly Dancer is if you are slim.” “It was performed 5000 years ago to honour a female goddess.” “The Goddess Belly Dance style was created in the 60's in the USA.” “Belly dance is the dance of the 7 veils.” “The dance of the 7 veils is a creation of Oscar Wild.” “There is no such thing as the dance of the 7 veils: that is an interpretation of the story of Isthar, from the Egyptian mythology.” “You need to train really hard to become a Belly Dancer.” "Belly Dance is easy, it comes naturally to the body.” “It has its roots in Turkey.” “It was born in Egypt.” “It existed in Ancient Greece.” “It is universal.” I am interested in contradictions: they make me think and wonder.

Belly Dance is full of contradictions which makes it a rich territory to explore.

What have YOU heard about Belly Dance?

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