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The mystic spiral

Atualizado: 21 de mar. de 2023

Once a student masters the bellydance movement known as the "circle" the next step is to learn the movement known as the "spiral". The spiral is a strong symbol. It is considered "the natural form of growth" and "the progress of the soul towards eternal life". A two-dimensional spiral comes from and returns to its source; it embodies the principle of contration and expansion and it combines the inward and outward directions of movement. The spiral is present in the double spirals of Stone Age art, in the interlocking spirals of the Chinese Yin Yang symbol, in the whorls of Celtic crosses, in the symbol of the labyrinth, and in Islamic arabesque. Apart from its physical benefits, dancing the spiral can have a soothing efect on your mind.

Exercise: Dance a spiral with different body parts: the head, the chest, the hips and the torso.

To know more about the spiral read "The mystic spiral - journey of the soul".

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